Betwixt and Between

The only issue I have with finishing a big project like Lyttelton Brown is that it leaves me without anything to knit. If this weekend had not been the death throes of the semester (aka finals), I might have gone stash diving, emptying out half the bags in the stash tote and flipping through my magazines until something clicked.

Alack, that will have to wait. Looking for backup plans, I thought I could work on the Brandywine Shawl I’ve had on the needles for a month now.

No go. This is my first bottom-up shawl, and the pattern has yet to “click.” In other words, I have to be sitting without distractions, only the shawl, its pattern, and me, to be able to get anywhere with it. Currently, not an option.

Then I thought I could knit Urchin, which has been on my Ravelry queue since 2009, with the lumpy red handspun that I have been storing for a similar length of time.

The pattern is easy, and bulky knits up so quick, it’s insane. Perfect, until I reached the halfway and ran out of yarn. The semester will be over in just two more days, but I don’t know how much more of this knittinglessness I can stand.

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