Hello Again

Tabby cat sitting on striped fabric

Goodness, where have I been?

Since I posted last, spring came to Kansas.

Green buds on a tree
Buds! Sunlight! Phone Autofocus!

After the first day, which burst with chuckling robins, frolicking squirrels, cheery daffodils, and exuberant green buds, we have moved through fog, a heatwave, thunderstorms, and dreary dampness, which means it’s spring in the Midwest for sure.

What else?

Tabby cat sitting on striped fabric
Malthus says: Kitty hienie of approval.

The cats and I tried out a quilting project, which will have its own post in the future.

I traveled to a new city

Red knitted mouse on a bookshelf at Powell's Books
Mousie was slightly overwhelmed by Powell’s

Where I bought books and caught a cold.

And there has been knitting.

Brightly colored knitting with Noro yarn.
Noro. Could you guess?

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