About that Stash

Thank you all for your comments on Melba’s sweater! She is taking the praise with great composure 😉

I have a FO to show you, just as soon as I get my photographer back. In the meantime, let’s check in on the stash.

Yummy squishy Quince & Co.
Yummy squishy Quince & Co.

As you’ll recall, I ended last year with a lot more yarn than I started with. This year started with an addition: 2,040 yards that I asked for as a gift. It’s already on the needles, getting knitted into a sweater for a certain thin-blooded somebody.

Then I was very good, using up most of my latest additions for Mummy’s cape and the dogzilla sweater. I dug out stash yarn for some knitted gifts, and to knit some patches for an old, worn sweater.

While I still knit more slowly than I’d like, my grand stashbusting total for the year is 2483.3 yards out. Not too shabby!

Except then we went to Lawrence and I visited the Yarn Barn.

Pink yarn


5 responses to “About that Stash”

  1. If that’s not laceweight, then you’re still ahead for the year. 😉 (You might still be ahead even if it is laceweight, of course, but not by as much.)

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