Bright red cactus blossoms

Spring Things

Welcome back dear readers! The heat is kicking in in earnest. As I have discussed many times over, I do not like being hot, or being stuck inside when it's too hot to bake, or the relentless sunshine, but there is an upside: the heat will KILL ALL THE BLOOMING THINGS. I have progressed from … Continue reading Spring Things

Woman kissing a chiweenie

Level Up

Big news, readers! The story of my very slowly knit vest was post 500 for yours truly. For this blogger, post one happened almost eight years ago. 500 posts have taken a 500 posts ago, I was blogging under the nom de plume Wendolene on a blog called Shop on the High Street (since migrated … Continue reading Level Up

Going Gothic

Happy Tuesday, people! I am happy to report that I discovered two of the circular needle pouches that were MIA: one crammed in a corner of the notions shelf (understandable) and another in a pile of papers on my desk (just wrong). I may need to do a stash deep-clean soon: in addition to the … Continue reading Going Gothic