Bright red cactus blossoms

Spring Things

Welcome back dear readers! The heat is kicking in in earnest. As I have discussed many times over, I do not like being hot, or being stuck inside when it's too hot to bake, or the relentless sunshine, but there is an upside: the heat will KILL ALL THE BLOOMING THINGS. I have progressed from … Continue reading Spring Things

Alien Baby

Here we have it, a second post in as many days! I may get back on track yet. We have talked about my thing for knitting weird toys for new babies before. If a president's publicity stunt can make predators children's toys, I see no reason why prehistoric and mythical creatures can't be children's toys … Continue reading Alien Baby

While You Wait

While you wait for me to muster up the courage and concentration to rip out my Holla Back tank, let me present you with a FO. Above you see a Nautie, whipped up fast out of stash yarn for a baby's christening. Big batches of yarn stay in the stash forever, but single skeins of … Continue reading While You Wait