Welcome to Shop on the High Street!

I’ve got a blog!

Geocities and its minute data transfer limit was bringing me down, so I said to heck with it and transferred to Blogspot. The entire process was scarily easy. Why Blogspot? It’s free, and some very cool blogs (like sock prØn and b r o o k l y n t w e e d) are hosted here.

Those ARE both knitting blogs–how very astute! I am already linking to knitting blogs because this will be a blog about knitting. Knitting, yarn, and all the little things that make knitting and yarn even better.

To everyone who knitted (and crocheted) with me over the summer, thanks a million times again! I promised I’d keep you updated : ) Stop in at the Shop on the High Street, and tell me what you’re up to. Better yet, show me pictures!

Here is my latest accomplishment: Nautie, from the spring ’06 issue of Knitty, the world’s most incredible ezine. All of the tiny fiddly shaping bits and miles of sewing inherent in little, 3-d toys usually scares me off, but this pattern was incredibly easy and had a grand total of ONE seam.

I think everyone needs a stuffed nautilus.

My pattern adjustments:
All parts are knitted with two strands of Cascade’s Pima Tencel

I put a bell in the head before sewing the pieces together to make it rattle

Because this nautie is going to a baby, I didn’t use felt fort the eyes. I did not embroider eyes, either. I asked my sister to do the embroidery: this nautilus is supposed to be cute, not scary.

Happy September!

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