Welcome Peanut

Our little Peanut has arrived safe and sound.  Querido and I are thrilled, proud, tired, and bewildered all at once.  Blogging is going to take a back burner as we all get ourselves sorted out, but knitting continues and you can find me keeping odd hours on Instagram @antiquotidian.  P.S. He wore his Little Sprout … Continue reading Welcome Peanut

Alien Baby

Here we have it, a second post in as many days! I may get back on track yet. We have talked about my thing for knitting weird toys for new babies before. If a president's publicity stunt can make predators children's toys, I see no reason why prehistoric and mythical creatures can't be children's toys … Continue reading Alien Baby

Mixed Bag

At 8:40, this has already been a mixed-bag sort of day. I woke up to my dog barfing on my floor and carpet, then had to quaff my coffee and scuttle down the street to catch my bus. But then on the bus, I finished two projects! I am rawther pleased. The first, a Toadstool … Continue reading Mixed Bag