Level Up

Hello everyone, remember how I said I was going to knit another Mermaid Crop Top? I really did it! I feel like I leveled up finishing this project: my notes from the first one were comprehensive enough to duplicate with ease, the yarn I chose gave me the intended fabric, and I was even able to get a picture with the correct skirt.

See why I had such a time styling that color?

In case you missed the first one, the pattern is the Mermaid Crop Top by Rebecca McKenzie. This version uses Cestari Old Dominion 3 ply, an American-grown cotton that I picked up on a whim during Local Yarn Store Day in April. While I appreciate Cestari’s commitment to American-grown wool and cotton, they do not do organic cotton and have been dead silent on all recent conversations about inclusion, which gives me pause about selecting them for my next cotton yarn purchase. Of course I could, you know, knit from any one of the three sweater-weights of cotton in my stash, but what do you think the likelihood of that is?

Ooh, I have another picture. Humor me, these are hard to come by.

(Points to Querido for making sure we didn’t get the “I have a barrel balanced on my head” angle)

I am so pleased. Thank you again, Rebecca, for a lovely make and another addition to my very, very slow fashion wardrobe!

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