The Millennials Finally Got Me

Hello all, and welcome to real and proper summer in Phoenix. None of those cool mornings and soft nights. This phase of summer is the real deal, where your lip gloss gets weird in your bag and the shadows of lampposts are so stark they look like debris in the road.

Today I have for you another finished object, my Tegna. As of this writing 4,075 Ravelers have logged a Tegna and for all I love discovering a hidden gem I can see why so many people love this pattern.

Woman in a pink knitted Tegna top looking away from the camera and adjusting her hair in front of a white wall painted with the outlines of wildflowers

The pattern is well written, the resulting top well-fitting. Initially I was not sure if I should knit the length as written, for a slightly cropped top, but I am still trying to expand my clothing comfort zone so I gave it a go and I love it. Heat be darned, I have been wearing this top as often as I can get it washed, and it dries in next to no time on the back patio drying rack.

I normally am not a pink person at all–longtime readers may remember my prolonged Brown and Green phase*–but first Warby Parker talked me into Millennial pink sunglasses and then Sarah of Traveling Yarn dyed this pink.

Woman in a pink knitted Tegna top smoothing her sleeve in front of a white wall painted with the outlines of wildflowers

This pink is called Devil’s Bridge, from her spring Creosote Collection, and it is the best pink ever. It is a little peachy, a little soft, and filled with flecks of sage and cobalt and mauve. Just watching the speckles flow by was so much fun and I am very, very excited to have a whole skein left over.

Woman wearing a pink knitted Tegna top and pointing at the photographer in front of a white wall painted with the outlines of wildflowers

So bring it on, Summer, I have a new favorite outfit and it’s PINK.

*Hmm, just mentally trawled my stash. Sorry, everyone, there’s more green and brown in your future.

(P.S. Thank you Querido for going to that mural with the flowers, not that one, the other one with the black and white flowers, and taking pictures with my feet, but not too much of my feet, and more when I wanted this one and that one but with a slightly different angle and my head *and* my feet. Oh and for keeping the tiny human from escaping his stroller at the same time. If there is a Photography Support Group for Beleaguered SOs of Knitters Giving Vague Instructions you should be President :*)

2 responses to “The Millennials Finally Got Me”

  1. This is so pretty!! I’ve lost my mojo on my Tegna since my yarn is a solid colour.. hoping to get going on it again so I can move on! 🤞

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