On a Roll

Purple Bandana Cowl

Good morning and thank you all so much for your lovely comments on the cape and shawls 🙂

I think I’m on a roll with finishing things…or maybe I’ve finally discovered the joy of bulky yarn. Last weekend, I fished around in my stash and found a skein plus a smidge of Quince & Co. Osprey in Frank’s Plum. I’m a huge fan of Quince & Co.’s very dense, cushy yarns, and although Osprey is labeled as an aran, I have used it as a bulky without any trouble. The color Frank’s Plum is a rich purple, and up until I moved, I didn’t know when I was going to wear that color. I never wore purple. Well, my new school’s color is purple, and people take their purple-wearing very seriously around here. Suddenly, I realize I’m going to need a lot more purple yarn.

After eyeing Purl Soho’s Bandana Cowl for several years (the pattern was published in 2011 and I’m pretty sure I have been checking it out that whole time), I finally let go and knit it. Other UFOs? Bah–it’s bulky time!

Wham–one day later, I had a cowl. The pattern looks small, but it’s dense and very warm. It kept me snug during a walk in the winter dusk, and is much less bulky than the shawl I’ve been using as a scarf. Huzzah!

Do you have any new winter accessories? How are they holding up to the weather?

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