After my initial failed attempt to knit Melba a sweater, I lost my enthusiasm but didn’t give up. On car rides, during movies, and at Knit Night, I pegged away at my wonky-shaped little green sweater.

Melba in her Dogzilla sweater
Dogzilla takes to the rolling grasslands

Lo and behold, it fits my wonky-shaped little Melba.

Melba in her Dogzilla sweater
Epic sneeze

The spikes were absolutely essential.  Although Melba does not have to turn up her ferocity in the same way she did when defending her dog run against the incursions of an entire apartment’s worth of other dogs, she still tromps around the yard as if each step must shake the earth.

Melba in her Dogzilla sweater
Dogzilla tromps across the prairie

And ok–the spikes were there for me, too.  In spite of its size, this sweater was no small endeavor.  I needed something to keep me forging through the uncertainty of the design process.  Right now, all the iffiness involved in designing is not exhilarating, it’s stressful.  Next time around, I will let someone else take care of the iffiness.

Melba in her Dogzilla sweater
Dogzilla all worn out

The sweater is about half an inch too short, but Melba tromped around in cold the yard in it quite happily. When we came back in, the sweater got the ultimate seal of Melba approval: she fell asleep still wearing it. No more sad ears here!

It’s been a while since I’ve linked to pattern notes, and I’ve never linked to pattern notes that are this messy, but what the heck–here they are. If you don’t happen to have a Chiweenie in need of a Dogzilla sweater, there are more pictures of Melba tromping about.

What about you guys–has anyone else knitted a sweater for their dog? What pattern did you use, and more importantly, how did it turn out?

12 responses to “Dogzilla”

  1. I LOVE the spikes on the sweater. Super cute and it looks like a great fit!

    I’ve only knitted one dog sweater and I modeled it after a store bought doggie sweater. I also knitted it with leftovers from my husband’s sweater so they matched as a practical joke since hubby isn’t the kind of guy who likes to parade around color-coordinated with his tiny dog. Lol.

  2. I have two chiweenies. One loves sweaters and the other one lothes them. I think Melba’s sweater is adorable. I might endeavor to make one for next winter.

  3. How did I not realize Melba is a chiweenie? I always thought she was straight-up chihuahua. Now I understand why you had to design a sweater for her, rather than using one someone else already created. 🙂 I love those spikes – seeing it this way, I think the sweater just wouldn’t look right without them. 🙂 and Yay! for a happy dog. 🙂

  4. […] There was the Plaidscape, which was so much fun and looked very impressive when it was done. Melba’s Dogzilla sweater, which turned out better than I could have hoped. The shawl that almost happened in a week. Lots of […]

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