In Motion!

Good news: I am out of my knitty funk! The body of the neverending summer bolero is off the needles, and there are two new projects in the works and skimming along.Here's how it happened: Mousie and I, with Querido & Co., took a train tip. Oh, how I love trains. If the private shower … Continue reading In Motion!

Running in Place

This has been a madly busy week. I have been running in circles, trying to catch up on a million things on this, my one week of summer break. But be it knitting, professional development, or writing, everything is in the same infuriating state of partial completion it was at the beginning of the week. … Continue reading Running in Place


On my commute, I am lucky that the bus comes off the highway well before the area around where I actually work. As it wends its way through the narrow streets one-way streets of downtown, I get to see some of the the best of the city before we swing west and traverse some of … Continue reading Pets

No Joke

Jars of baby food, lined up behind the bench at the bus stop. I would've guessed that they were some sort of April Fool's prank, except they first appeared on Wednesday.First in a tidy row...Then Thursday, less so...And this morning, jumbled every-which-way...I have to wonder: why baby food? Why at my relatively little-used bus stop? … Continue reading No Joke


The past few weeks have been a time of transition. The desert is slowly unfolding from the dark coziness of winter. Days are righter earlier (although still not at my bus stop, the morning chill has less of a bite, and the flowers are still in full force (pictured above, my beloved Desert Bells). Blazing, … Continue reading Transition

What else…

Little news on the knitting front here; after finally untangling the Gorgonian Knot and skipping through Chart 3 of the Icarus' border, my skein decided to disintegrate & form another tangle. I hate the idea of breaking the yarn again to get this one out, so I'm trying to limp it along. It's slow going, … Continue reading What else…


1. The Plague is upon us (again). Above are orange buds, and among the natives I have counted cassia, brittlebush, creosote, fairy duster, and desert marigold in bloom, not to mention the California poppies & assorted other wildflowers. Sniffle, sniffle. Lovely.2. For the first time ever, I got a sunburn *in* the Valley. Monday was … Continue reading Observations


Finished object!!!Quick specs: Pattern: Haruni, by Emily Ross.Yarn: Alpaca with a Twist FinoNeedles: Size 4 Takumi Clover circularFull details on RavelryThis project combined most of the things I love about lace: a basic, organic motif for the body, a bit of fancy for the edge, and *blocking*. I am enamored with blocking. You begin with … Continue reading Lace!!!