What else…

Little news on the knitting front here; after finally untangling the Gorgonian Knot and skipping through Chart 3 of the Icarus’ border, my skein decided to disintegrate & form another tangle. I hate the idea of breaking the yarn again to get this one out, so I’m trying to limp it along. It’s slow going, to be sure.

In other news:

The aloes in our backyard are blooming, and this year we have not one but *two* mutant flower spikes. Ooh!

We’ve had some deliciously cool weather, allowing me to hide what has gone from an uneven sunburn to an uneven tan. My weather widget assures me these temperatures will last through the weekend; I may need to take this opportunity to even my tan out a bit so as to look less ridiculous.

I am caught up in the middle of a rawther deliciously dark novel called Johannes Cabal, Necromancer. I never recommend books until I’ve finished them, but this one looks, at page 125, to be perfect for anyone who enjoys Neil Gaiman’s superbly British style of black humor.

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