Finished object!!!

Quick specs:

Pattern: Haruni, by Emily Ross.
Yarn: Alpaca with a Twist Fino
Needles: Size 4 Takumi Clover circular
Full details on Ravelry

This project combined most of the things I love about lace: a basic, organic motif for the body, a bit of fancy for the edge, and *blocking*. I am enamored with blocking. You begin with something that looks like a crumpled flower petal…

… soak it until it looks like something washed up on the beach…

… and then stretch it out as far as it goes & pin it down with half a gazillion pins (Note to self–get some more t-pins soon. Sewing pins appropriated from Mum’s supplies were too short.)…

And voila! It looks amazing. From the look of the chart, I expected the second lace motif to be a bit difficult, but once I got past the first few rows and the leaf shapes were established (and less easily confused with lattice sections), it was quite intuitive & surprisingly simple. The i-cord loops were a trifle on the fiddly side to knit, especially as I kept losing track of how many rows I had done since the last join. They were definitely on the fiddly side to block, but the daintiness of the result was oh so worth it. This is definitely a pattern I would knit again, and very well may, as both Mum & Hermanita were rather taken with it.

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