One Down

1. My second Haruni, called Silver Leaves for the obvious reasons, is completed, blocked, and gifted.2. In spite of my ridiculous mistake, resulting in a border of single leaves where pairs should have been, it was a quick knit.3. Knitting the body was faster the second time around. The looped i-cord border was not.4. My … Continue reading One Down

Shawl, Fast

Confronted with loads of laceweight yarn, I have taken the only rational recourse and started knitting shawls.This is a new Haruni, in one of the *wince* three skeins of Silky Alpaca I picked up at So Much Yarn. The pattern is much more intuitive the second time around, and I am already halfway done!Seeing beautiful … Continue reading Shawl, Fast


Finished object!!!Quick specs: Pattern: Haruni, by Emily Ross.Yarn: Alpaca with a Twist FinoNeedles: Size 4 Takumi Clover circularFull details on RavelryThis project combined most of the things I love about lace: a basic, organic motif for the body, a bit of fancy for the edge, and *blocking*. I am enamored with blocking. You begin with … Continue reading Lace!!!


Monday again, and big surprise, I'm on the couch with the dog, my knitting, and a cup of coffee. And a tower of CD-Rs; this week's readings for my digital information class are all about short-term preservation risks and are sufficiently dire that I've been inspired to back up all my files. What's on your … Continue reading Monday