Shawl, Fast

Confronted with loads of laceweight yarn, I have taken the only rational recourse and started knitting shawls.

This is a new Haruni, in one of the *wince* three skeins of Silky Alpaca I picked up at So Much Yarn. The pattern is much more intuitive the second time around, and I am already halfway done!

Seeing beautiful examples of Estonian-style shawls with nupps and Shetland lace made me seriously consider doing something epically intricate and beautiful…but then I considered the facts that a) I intend this shawl to be gifted at the end of the month and b) Silky Alpaca comes in 460-yard skeins, not enough for a *big* shawl…or yarn-eating nupps.

So here I am with another Haruni. I have to say, near-instant gratification is pretty gratifying.

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