Summer Socks!

With all this yarn, what am I knitting?

The socks I began in Seattle are traveling around in my purse. In the past week or so, I’ve been lucky enough to see three movies and be the passenger on several long car trips, so these socks have gotten a lot of attention. Sock the first is finished, and sock the second is in the home stretch!

(I need to practice my car photography skills)

The yarn is Crystal Palace Mini Mochi in color 104, “Fern Rainbow,” purchased at Sierra Vista’s über-craft shop, The Squirrel’s Nest. The fiber content (wool with a dab of nylon), construction (one ply, a little prone to splitting), and color (bichrome, long repeats) are all very similar to Skacel’s Zauberball, which I used to make a pink-and-plum pair of Oak Ribbed Socks last summer.

Which would explain why I unwittingly chose the exact same pattern for my Mini Mochi socks. My Zauberball socks are fantastic–warm without being stifling, wooly without being scritchy–so I have high hopes my Seattle Socks will be the same!

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