Share Time!

After coming home from Seattle with so much yarn from so much yarn, I had to get creative. The Dream in Color Smooshy has been stuffed in a bag is helping one of my purses keep its shape while being stored. Two of the skeins of Silky Alpaca Lace are in the process of fueling my shawl kick. In spite of that, there’s no way the remaining skeins are going to fit in the Yarn Tote.

And what do I find on the doorstep after work one afternoon?

My latest CSA share from Vermont Grand View Farm. This is the third year I’ve participated in it. The past two years’ shares gave me the Pimlico Shrug, with a few skeins to spare.

I believe the sensible reaction would have been to cry out in duress at the prospect of having more yarn than I could possibly store until I can find the time to turn it into a finished project.

So what do I do? Open it, squoosh it (Kim’s yarns are quite squooshy), smile at how she always packs in a little treat (gift cards this year) and start planning a cream-and gray striped raglan pullover with a little placket along one of the raglan seams.

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