Lace Time, Just in Time

Tulip the Hedgehog came off the needles Wednesday afternoon–just in time, as I learned when I dropped her off with Pinky at the Children’s Library. Her little recipient came into the world safe and sound that same day. Huzzah!

Hedgie is the baby’s (no tail to swallow, but lots and lots of nubby spikes to gnaw on), while Pinky will go to the Big Sister (who I think–hope–is past the toy-eating stage) to help keep the peace. Both are knit out of superwash wool from my stash and stuffed with polyfill. My inner eco-freak squirms a little at the thought of the synthetic fiberfill, but one cannot deny that little baby toys will need to be washed at some point in time. If you’d like more details, Tulip is Raveled here and Pinky is Raveled here.

And now it’s lace time! I am making a Haruni shawl, using the 1/2 skein of Alpaca Fino that was left after I finished Mum’s Swallowtail Shawl. There was a slight mishap involving yarn overs and a book club discussion, but that was easily remedied and I’m on my way to memorizing the leaf patterns on the main body. And did I mention there aren’t any spikes to be knitted on?

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