This morning, in a moment of staggering brilliance, I left my phone at home. I'd plugged it in to charge on the kitchen counter and promptly forgot it was not in my purse. I remain slightly traumatized that I will be without music for a whole. Entire. Day. However, the lack of phone rendered my … Continue reading Phoneless

Monday News

Today's headlines-- Live Performance of "Bulldozer" Discovered! "Bulldozer" is perhaps my favorite song on Cold War Kids' latest album. Piano that tears your heart in two, vocals that make you want to bawl your eyes out--what is not to love? Sadly, I first heard this song live, which made the cotton-bandaged version on the album … Continue reading Monday News


This morning escaped me as I was sitting and rereading Daddy Longlegs. Seven fifty found me dashing out the front door with coat undone, throwing on my hat, scarf, and mittens as I went. Thank goodness ours is not a neighborhood where all the neighbors are out early. Waiting in the cold and black for … Continue reading Reading

No Joke

Jars of baby food, lined up behind the bench at the bus stop. I would've guessed that they were some sort of April Fool's prank, except they first appeared on Wednesday.First in a tidy row...Then Thursday, less so...And this morning, jumbled every-which-way...I have to wonder: why baby food? Why at my relatively little-used bus stop? … Continue reading No Joke