About that Shawl

Hello all!  November is barreling along here so it's time for another post. The shawl in question is the Other People's Houses Shawl by Heidi Gustad.  She is  is a super spunky designer I discovered through the Yarn Talk podcast on YouTube and then followed on Instagram...but before now I had just gone "ooh, neat!" … Continue reading About that Shawl


Yesterday state and schools celebrated Veteran's Day. It was a beautiful day, warm in the sun and cool in the shade. I celebrated by using the light rail and walking to get all my errands in. I was surprised to discover that when it's not 100 + degrees outside, my neighborhood is decently walkable. Definition … Continue reading Walk


A weekend home sick is conducive to getting lots of reading an knitting done. The book I am reading while knitting this intensely red sweater is, appropriately enough, A Perfect Red. It is nonfiction that promises to engage like fiction. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn't, and the latter always leaves me wishing I'd … Continue reading Red

à la Austen

One of the true things that Andrew Clements said in The School Story (which would have been good had it not been for the ending's nosedive into warm-fuzzydom) is that all writers begin as readers. I most certainly started out as a reader, and a voracious one, before becoming a writer. Even afterwards, reading is … Continue reading à la Austen


This morning escaped me as I was sitting and rereading Daddy Longlegs. Seven fifty found me dashing out the front door with coat undone, throwing on my hat, scarf, and mittens as I went. Thank goodness ours is not a neighborhood where all the neighbors are out early. Waiting in the cold and black for … Continue reading Reading