I Am Waylaid by Books

We interrupt this regularly scheduled knit-talk for a post about


Every summer and winter break, I reenter the real world, look around, see a book, and remember how much I love reading. Fiction, nonfiction, mystery, sci-fi, history, language–*gasp*. I love them all.

The beauty of working in a library is that I can pick through a completely random assortment of books at will, but the downside is that I am terrible at giving patrons suggestions–unless they happen to be fantasy addicts, anglophiles, or nonfiction fans.

On the off chance that any of you fit into any of the above categories, here are a few suggestions, recommended on the strength that I have torn through them all in the past couple weeks and loved them all:

The books in the Artemis Fowl series are technically children’s books, but Eoin Colfer has a brilliantly wicked sense of humor that appeals to older readers as much as ten-year-olds.

The Anglo Files is American journalist Sarah Lyall’s attempt to get her head around some of the quirkier aspects of her adopted country’s culture. Crazy as some of these things are, her observations are as affectionate as they are pointedly funny.

The Ghost Map is among that best new breed of nonfiction book, the interesting, readable breed. Ostensibly about the 1854 London Cholera Epidemic, it’s also about epidemiology, the history of London, and the evolution of the modern city, and made my inner anthropologist very happy.

So tell me–what have you been reading?!

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