Pimlico Via Vermont

Here it is, the project I’ve been hinting at for a couple weeks now: the Pimlico Shrug.

I’m knitting it with my Vermont Grand View Farm Romney. This year’s share came at the end of May, complete with goodies as before, and I wasted no time getting started on my project!

The Romney is a great yarn: two ply, with slight variations in thickness, and very wholesome and sheepy-scented. Up until now, the only single-breed yarn I’ve ever used is Merino, so I’m loving the experience of using a different single-breed yarn. And the Romney is a perfect match for the project. It drapes really well, and although it’s soft and a little fuzzy, eyelet pattern on the body is sufficiently giant that it doesn’t get lost in the fabric.

I am also loving the pattern: the body is one large rectangle and there are a grand total of two short seams, with sleeves and edging knit right to the body. Expect a FO photoshoot soon!

3 responses to “Pimlico Via Vermont”

  1. I can't wait to see your Pimlico shrug. I've been thinking about knitting one for a while, but have been stumped on the fiber to use. I'm sure it will be divine in Kim's yarn too…

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