Monday News

Today’s headlines–

Live Performance of “Bulldozer” Discovered!

“Bulldozer” is perhaps my favorite song on Cold War Kids’ latest album. Piano that tears your heart in two, vocals that make you want to bawl your eyes out–what is not to love? Sadly, I first heard this song live, which made the cotton-bandaged version on the album horribly disappointing. To get my fix, I hit the Internet. Much searching unearthed the following video. Do not be seduced by the swanky video editing on the Coachella version: this performance best captures what I heard at the Marquee. Get me a box of tissues, my cup (not to mention my eyes) runneth over.

Girl Reads Directions!
As you may have guessed from the video above, I figured out how to embed videos. To achieve this feat, I relied on a skill carefully honed over long hours in my Advanced Digital Collections class: I read the Support documentation. Would you know, these pages had all I needed to get YouTube and Vimeo videos embedded in my entries. You can now go back to my Spoon Entry and view the video in embedded form, the way I intended it to be.

Veolia Strike Ends

Thank goodness. I know Phoenix’s public transportation isn’t all that great on a good day. But on the last, very bad week, I found it preferable to impose upon the kindness of family and friends and get rides everywhere than wait an hour for buses running on “Sunday service.” The strike ended Friday, thank goodness, and Phoenix denizens without cars can all go back to being livably inconvenienced by the Valley bus service.

Unseasonably Cold Weather Hits Phoenix
Today’s high: 56º and rainy. Do I need to tell you I am wearing a wool jumper and sweater & could not be happier?

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