This morning, in a moment of staggering brilliance, I left my phone at home. I’d plugged it in to charge on the kitchen counter and promptly forgot it was not in my purse.

I remain slightly traumatized that I will be without music for a whole. Entire. Day. However, the lack of phone rendered my bus ride oddly meditative. Without music to zone out to or the ability to look up the answer to every single question that crossed my mind (is there a park at the Estrellas? What will the temperatures be over the weekend? Any updates on Goodreads?), I had no choice except to focus my attention on everything around me. Sadly, Phoenix is not the city to people-watch in. There’s just not enough people on the streets at any given time, even morning rush hour. So I noted the extent to which the street is being torn up for the new building going in on Roosevelt, ensured that my beloved Securities Building is safe and sound, and observed the rather arresting way the morning light hits the utterly random street art on Centennial Way.

I hope I don’t fall asleep on the bus home.

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