Similar But Not the Same

A skein of purple yarn and a skein of purplish blue yarn next to the start of a mitten
Purple or blue?

Happy Thursday Knitters! Here in Kansas summer and fall are still duking it out in a battle of cool nights, muggy mornings, and afternoon sun, but I’ve begun to wade into my stack of fall magazines and patterns.  It’s a bit overwhelming.  Fall is the season that most designers live for, and there is so much joy in fall designs.  Instagram has become a minefield, each designer I follow happily announcing new patterns AND new yarns AND a KAL to go with everything.

This has been a crazy busy time of year: I signed up for several large projects, will be traveling to a conference, and that pesky little pre-tenure review (2 of 6) falls in October this year.

Add all those things together, and I can barely draft a blog post in a week (seriously, it has taken me a week to write this post!).  I was going to hold strong and finish up my 9 UFOs first….and then the lovely ladies behind Great Northern Knits released the Laura + Maddy mittens.

They are adorable mittens with a gauntlet style wrist and I am in love.  I fell all over myself to grab the Elsebeth Lavold Calm Wool left over in my stash from the Peaks Island Hood and cast on.

If you’re not familiar with Twin Peaks (the show that Great Norther Knits is inspired by), Laura and Maddy are two characters who look almost identical (they’re played by the same actress), and the mittens are almost identical too.  Only the pattern at the tip is reversed.  I unintentionally played up the “same but different” factor on my pair by accidentally grabbing the last smidge of a skein of purple rather than the blue to cast on the first mitten.  In my defense, look at how close they are in the picture above.  And it was early morning when I cast on!  I’m hoping that under a nice gray winter sky, nobody except me will notice.

The weekend nears–may you all be knitting with the color of yarn you thought you’d picked up.

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