Not All Here

Sorry, mon peeps. I am not all here. The short of the long has never been my strong suit, but I will try here. Short: In early August, a good friend of mine listened as I gleefuly listed all the bothersome little things that I was able to get done while being unemployed. When I … Continue reading Not All Here

Stash Begone

Happy Tuesday, dear readers! Today's posting will be sadly brief--I have to make my apartment acceptable to be seen by company, and I don't expect that to be an easy task. But Arizona's low desert permitted rain glorious rain to fall on her soil, so I am snuggled up with Melba on the couch and … Continue reading Stash Begone

Going Gothic

Happy Tuesday, people! I am happy to report that I discovered two of the circular needle pouches that were MIA: one crammed in a corner of the notions shelf (understandable) and another in a pile of papers on my desk (just wrong). I may need to do a stash deep-clean soon: in addition to the … Continue reading Going Gothic