Warning: Bad Phone Pictures

Sorry guys. I only have a smidgy bit of time to post here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

On Thursday I finished my class presentation. *insert trumpet noises* Did I tell you guys I was taking a class at ASU? I was. Digital Humanities, face-to-face, full semester. The paper is still not done, hence the current hurry. I am relieved and also a little sorry it’s over. On one hand, no more class means no more long nights out at ASU, nights without a proper dinner or time to tidy up my apartment. But the class was awesome–terrific teachers, engaged classmates, lots of hands on time with Digital Humanities technology. I am going to miss my bi-weekly brain workout.

Kitten with a reproachful face
That face says “How could you ever put a collar on me?”

Eee! Bad photography sears blogosphere eyeballs!

Just before sitting down to write my final paper, Querido and I put the kittens’ collars on. I was super excited to get collars for them, and ages ago picked out the cutest ones I could find at the Humane Society Store. Then, we had to wait until the kittens grew into the full-sized collars. Although the little fuzzies are plenty big now, they were rawther traumatized. Eloise got spooked by Malthus’ bell, ran full-on into the slider (arcadia door, if you’re from here), and then had to hide under the bed the rest of the day.

Malthus recovered enough to come out and look reproachfully at me as I typed.

Copper-colored dog asleep on a couch
Melba says “Asleep.”

Melba was, of course, unphased by KITTEN SHENANIGANS.

Kitten asleep on stack of papers
Kitten accepts offer of a knitting pattern to sit on and says I am forgiven.

This is how I knew Malthus would survive the horrible awful indignity of wearing a collar: she found my knitting pattern and fell asleep on it.

Here’s hoping your week is off to a good start!

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