Little Dog on the Prarie


Ok, so she’s just in our new backyard. But for a little dog accustomed to gravel, this weedy little yard might as well be the open plains. I think she likes it: she will pause to thoughtfully sniff a particular seed head, or take in the scent on the wind, before doing what she needs to do.


For my part, I am entranced by the fall. There are trees changing color and crunchy brown leaves on the ground, plump acorns and bristly pinecones. There is something about the quality of light, too, that is entirely different than in Arizona.

I hope you are all enjoying fall in your neck of the woods!

2 responses to “Little Dog on the Prarie”

    • I have no idea…there are some grasses that have the seeds shooting off on an array of spikes, and there’s another that has darker seeds, gathered in a teardrop shape with reddish wisps off the top. It’s the latter that sits on stalks just high enough to poke Melba in the face!

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