Bright Brown Morning Sky


This morning I got up, all excited by the nice gentle warmth in the air (believe me, it won’t last past mid-morning), went to the window to greet the day…and got an eyeful of smog. See it hanging there around the mountain? Ickies.

I had to, had to, had to submit a job application before leaving for work, so what did I do next? Take pictures of the smog. And of Melba, who was so worn out by doing business and eating breakfast that she wouldn’t even respond to my entreaties to come sit on the couch. I had to carry her over to the couch, and upon arrival she promptly zonked out.


Such a difficult puppy life.


After my first round of time-wasting, I actually managed to get the job application done (thankyou, employment platforms that do not ask you to reenter every single piece of information that is already on your resume). So let’s talk about my knitting!

That is a Sexxxy Librarian vest, and I am shocked to say that this is the first time it has featured on the blog. I started it in early April, when I was high on the thrill of finishing the Holla Back Tank, and when contrasted with finicky lace, it is such a fast knit. In spite of the wooly tweedy-ness, this is a summer knit for me. I bought the yarn on my very first vacation to San Diego, and when I work on the vest, I think of that trip. Getting sunburnt in the course of a lunch, being buffeted by that ocean wind, perusing the yarn store with towels and sunscreen in hand. It was a fun time.

Yarn aside, the pattern has a lot of features that recommend it as a summer knit: all-in-one construction, an easy-to-memorize cable pattern, and no sleeves. I am really looking forward to the last part: finishing off the cowl and being done, done, done.

What summer knits are you enjoying right now?

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  1. […] I sat myself down last night with Midnight in Paris and two bags of knitting: the Baby Thing and my Sexxxy Librarian vest (Click the link and check out how the pictures in that post are almost exactly the same as in this. […]

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