Girl kissing a small, one-eyed dog

Goodbye Melba

Dear Readers, Today's post is a sad one. If you need happy reading, or don't have a box of tissues handy, I suggest you read elsewhere. On July 28, I said goodbye to Melba forever. The best, sweetest little dog had been carrying around a tumor for over a year, and at the end of … Continue reading Goodbye Melba

Sad Ears

My first attempt at knitting Melba a sweater didn't go so well. The knitting part was fine. The wearing--not so much. After we released her from the sweater, she curled up in a sad ball on one corner of the couch to recover from her traumatic experience, I frogged the whole thing, adjusted *all* my … Continue reading Sad Ears

Not All Here

Sorry, mon peeps. I am not all here. The short of the long has never been my strong suit, but I will try here. Short: In early August, a good friend of mine listened as I gleefuly listed all the bothersome little things that I was able to get done while being unemployed. When I … Continue reading Not All Here


Last weekend, Querido and I packed up Melba for a weekend in the Wild North. She enjoyed herself thoroughly, and wore herself out thoroughly too. I had hoped to take her out into nature, because I don't know that she'd ever left Phoenix before, but she never made it beyond the backyard. It was adventure … Continue reading Exhausting