Sad Ears

Chiweenie in a green sweater making a sad face
Melba wouldn’t move from this exact pose once the sweater went on.

My first attempt at knitting Melba a sweater didn’t go so well. The knitting part was fine. The wearing–not so much.

Chiweenie in a pink sweater curled under a green blanket
My life is so hard.

After we released her from the sweater, she curled up in a sad ball on one corner of the couch to recover from her traumatic experience, I frogged the whole thing, adjusted *all* my numbers, and began again.

Fourth time’s the charm?

7 responses to “Sad Ears”

  1. oh dear. Hope the next version works better for her. She does look very cute in it… and even cuter all curled up in her blanket (which I am guessing may not actually be “her” blanket if she is anything like my spaniel). 🙂

    • Thank you! It used to be my blanket…then I tried to hang it up on the back of the couch and she pawed it down to make a nest. It’s been hers ever since!

  2. It is possible to have a sweater fit exactly the way it should, and still have the dog not want to wear it – primarily because they’re not accustomed to how clothes feel on their bodies. If the sweater is too loose, then she’ll figure out how to take it off, and she’ll just climb out of it every time you put it on her. Once she has worn it long enough and often enough to realize that it’s not going to eat her or restrict her movement, then she’ll grudgingly give in about wearing it; and then she can have time to figure out that she is warmer and she might actually start to like wearing the sweater. But it will take time to get to that point. 🙂 Time where she gives you that cute pleading look and doesn’t want to move, in hopes that you’ll take this strange thing off of her. 🙂

    That said, 🙂 although I think she looks very cute and well dressed in the last sweater, I can’t make the argument that it fit just right from a picture. So I send you many good wishes for the fourth sweater fitting just the way it should (even if Melba doesn’t exactly agree with you at first 😉 ). 🙂

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