Gray Skies

This morning, Melba and I awoke to a special treat: gray skies and pavement shining with wetness. When we went outside, it got better (for me). It was still raining! Melba appreciated the cool pavement, but she liked getting snuggled in a warm towel to watch the rain from the couch even more.

It Worked!

Huzzah for quick-and-dirty troubleshooting: Image Capture does recognize my camera, even if every other photo-importing program doesn't. If you too are having trouble with Lion and your camera, give this discussion on the Apple support forum a look. So: the haboob. Also known as a dust storm. I really love watching them come in. First, … Continue reading It Worked!

Welcome Rain

Welcome monsoon season--Welcome rain that brings out the smell of creosote welcome clouds that hide the blistering sun. Welcome nighttime lightning shows and downpours blown in o cold winds. We may yet survive 'till October.