Hurricanes and High Seas

Clouds above Phoenix
Day One: Ominous Skies

Greetings famous Arizona! After last week’s Epic Rain, we then received the remnants of a hurricane, of all things. I am sorry for all the people who have suffered damage from the rain, but unlike the wacko politicians who usually put Arizona in the news, these storms were unavoidable.

Clouds over Phoenix
Day Two: Slightly Less Ominous Skies

Yesterday’s dark, threatening clouds didn’t produce much in the way of rain for the central valley, but today a nice steady shower swept in from the east and drenched downtown.

High Seas stole against a cloudy sky
High Seas and Clouds

A few clouds were left this afternoon, but I don’t mind if they move on, as long as they take the soggy humidity along with them. My Epic Seas stole has become something of an obsession, and after getting back into the swing of reading the chart, I am speeding along. Can you tell it’s gotten longer since its visit to Sunset Crater?

Wherever you’re knitting, stay warm and dry!

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