Knitting Weather

Heavy clouds above mountains
This was Saturday: repeat for Sunday.

Well, I survived week one of my crazy crazy new schedule and am now giving week two a try. You may begin putting in bets for which week devolves from crazy to straitjacket insane at any time.

We had clouds all weekend and it was glorious: perfect knitting weather. I have been lugging the Ground Cover blanket everywhere with me, and it is almost the only knitting I have touched for weeks. I’m very proud of my determination. The blanket could definitely pass for a generous lap rug or baby blanket at this point, and I am only just over halfway done. This is that time that I’m sure all of you know well: the are-we-there-yet section that occurs in the middle of any and every large project.

I’m not going to show you pictures of the blanket, because basically it looks the same as it has for weeks, just slightly bigger. Now that the novelty of mitered squares has worn off, I’m looking for ways to keep things interesting. Seeing the rows of squares grow is pretty neat, but that happens slowly. Right now, then, the thing that is keeping me chugging through this very dull middle is the envisioning what I’ll knit next. I have several perfectly good projects that could use some attention on the needles, but after thousands of stitches of garter in acrylic, a new shawl out of a silk blend sounds pretty appealing.

How do you keep your momentum on large projects?

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