It Was a Dark and Stormy Day

Dark clouds above mountains
I love when you can’t see the edges of the clouds

Today dawned dark and cloudy. I am so excited: the forecast high is 73º. After weeks of pretending that highs in the 90s are fall, we may get some real fall.

I did not fully appreciate changes in the weather when I lived in Illinois. There, it’s really rare to have exactly the same weather two days running (although towards the end of winter, the distinction between cold and slightly less cold would begin to blur). Then we came to Arizona. At first, days where a forecast of 100º meant it would be 100º, all day, no significant wind, no clouds, no low pressure system coming off the lake: that was novel. Then the sameness began to wear on me.

Sun and warmth (heat, rather) is not a treat when that’s all you get. Today, and every day the weather changes, I am thrilled. I get a little nutty with it, leaving my umbrella behind to better catch the smattering of cold, refreshing raindrops between train and bus. But I have a shawl wrapped snugly around my neck, and today is going to be awesome.

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