Three Years and a Day

Small dog wearing a white cone
Three years and one day ago, Melba’s and my paths crossed. Literally: she was walking out onto a busy surface street in Phoenix as Querido and I drove past. Querido got her across the street and sacrificed the burrito I had packed for his lunch to keep her in one place until I could get the car around. We adopted her, and she became our bestest girl.

Melba in her Dogzilla sweater

In the past year, she has put up with a move to The Place Where Toes Get Cold and Wet…

Tabby and chiweenie snuggling on a green blanket
Snuggle buddies

And survived living with all the cats, all the time.

I wish she was celebrating her anniversary in health, but this is Melba. In three years, she has built up a chart as thick as a novella, and just last week was found to have an icky eye infection. Although she has made sure I know how pitiful she is by going to great lengths to get her cone stuck amidst the kitchenette table and chair legs, she has not been turning down the new treat delivered at twelve-hour intervals, Wet Food Balls with Crunchy Centers.

One-eyed chiweenie

Keep being you, Melba. You’re the best.

3 responses to “Three Years and a Day”

    • The cone of shame has to be my favorite part of “Up!” Melba has figured out that if she sadly attempts to scratch her ears through the cone, I will come and scratch them for her…I think that is making the shame more bearable!

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