Half the Year

Half the year has passed in a flash: winter, then spring, and now we are speeding through summer. This midway point has inspired me to clean out closets, to pretty up the house, and to clean up my Ravelry page. Those of you on Ravelry have probably noticed that this last is a time-consuming endeavor. … Continue reading Half the Year

Stash Begone

Happy Tuesday, dear readers! Today's posting will be sadly brief--I have to make my apartment acceptable to be seen by company, and I don't expect that to be an easy task. But Arizona's low desert permitted rain glorious rain to fall on her soil, so I am snuggled up with Melba on the couch and … Continue reading Stash Begone

I Fail Blocking

Happy Friday, people! In a rare moment of planetary alignment, this Friday actually comes with a FO! Behold my Leafy Green shawl. This represents the last of the stash yarn I acquired in Seattle three years ago, and the first time ever I have knitted through all the stash from a particular location. The pattern … Continue reading I Fail Blocking