Four Minus Two Is Not Two

Wow…Stephanie Pearl-McPhee did remember to look up my blog, and she didn’t just like the post, she *loved* it. And so many of you did, too. I am chuffed and overwhelmed by this response. I never expected feedback of that magnitude or intensity, and I certainly never intended to make readers cry. Heck, somebody clicking the “like” button is usually enough to make my day.

So thank you, everyone.

One skein and one ball of pale green yarn
That’s two skeins of the yarn I used for my romper.

Now let’s get me to stop thinking too much and try to retrieve some of those other things I was going to write about.

Like organizing my stash.

All these cool mornings and late sunsets are making my Arizona-trained internal clock think it’s spring, and consequently my organizing kick continues. Last Wednesday, I thought I’d update my Ravelry stash: the yarn I used to knit my beloved romper nearly two years ago (!!!) still didn’t have a photo, and I hadn’t logged the amount of yarn used in the project.

Photographing yarn–easy! Weighing yarn–easy! (As an aside, I was really excited to discover that I have the equivalent of two skeins left, which I have taken to mean I should start looking for summer tops to knit.) Logging yarn–ack!

Ravelry said I had four skeins. I looked at the two skeins, 250 yards each, and I looked at the picture of my romper. I have misjudged yarn amounts gravely in the past, usually erring on the overly optimistic side, but even I do not think it possible that I had knitted an entire grownup-sized romper with 500 yards of yarn. The project calls for a minimum of 770 yards–about three skeins, which sounds much more reasonable.

I tried to think back two years. It was kind of a long time ago. Slowly, I began remembering a project where I had bought the requisite skeins plus one, got low on yarn close to the end, panicked, bought extra yarn, and then finished with yarn to spare. I do this pretty regularly: after being super optimistic about how much yarn is needed for a project, or even after being quite practical about it, I panic and decide I am at least one, sometimes two skeins short. The same thing just happened with the Greenies project (two skeins extra). But I feel like it also happened with the romper. So I went to my e-mail and looked for order records from Webs. I know without a doubt the yarn came from Webs. But my e-mail did not have a record of any old purchases from Webs.

After Ravelry, memory, and e-mail failed, the only thing left to do was dig out the romper itself and see how much it weighs. Even in my crazed organize mode, this gave me pause. Last fall, I had dutifully packed up all my hot-weather clothes and stacked them at the back of my storage cabinets above the closet.

But now I was obsessed, so I dug out my stepladder, shuffled around boxes, and one by one, pulled out my totes of off-season clothes. I began with the largest and quickly discovered that I had only taken out half of my winter clothes. In what had definitely been an attempt to speed up the unpleasant process of closet switching, I had also packed summer clothes in with winter clothes.

Note to self: that is a really bad idea. Because after frantically pawing through all the totes twice, the romper wasn’t there. I looked at my dresser and hoped I really hadn’t done what I was now pretty sure I did. Sadly, I had: I’d folded my romper up and stored it in my dresser, under my t-shirts.


For the record, the romper used exactly three skeins of yarn. So somewhere along the line, I had bought one extra skein for a total of five skeins. One little mystery solved. But my stash-organizing drive has been dampened by the realization that since all my clothes totes are out, and it’s not getting cooler anytime soon, I should probably switch my wardrobe out, sweaters and all.

8 responses to “Four Minus Two Is Not Two”

  1. I found your blog via The Yarn Harlot’s blog – and am so glad I did! Never be shy again about your blogging – because you are a “writer”! Such a fun post to read about meeting Stephanie! I felt like I was there with you – which was so much fun!

    Linda in VA

  2. I totally get the “being shy in front of someone you admire tremendously” thing, although I am not at all shy in normal life. I went to Stephanie’s reading in Portland last week and totally clutched when it was my turn to actually TALK TO HER! So happy to read this blog post and discover you (also through Yarn Harlot). A librarian and a knitter! Dream-worthy!

  3. I, too, was introduced to you through Stephanie’s blog. Your blog is fun & engaging. Keep up the great work!

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