Mostly Here

Greetings, dear readers, from the land of the barely awake. Few words this morning, but I have pretty things to show you. Lovely KnitCircus gradient yarn that came in the bag of funder goodies from the Great Northern Knits Kickstarter. A Talamu shawl, with the end in sight.

Half the Year

Half the year has passed in a flash: winter, then spring, and now we are speeding through summer. This midway point has inspired me to clean out closets, to pretty up the house, and to clean up my Ravelry page. Those of you on Ravelry have probably noticed that this last is a time-consuming endeavor. … Continue reading Half the Year

Stash Begone

Happy Tuesday, dear readers! Today's posting will be sadly brief--I have to make my apartment acceptable to be seen by company, and I don't expect that to be an easy task. But Arizona's low desert permitted rain glorious rain to fall on her soil, so I am snuggled up with Melba on the couch and … Continue reading Stash Begone

Going Gothic

Happy Tuesday, people! I am happy to report that I discovered two of the circular needle pouches that were MIA: one crammed in a corner of the notions shelf (understandable) and another in a pile of papers on my desk (just wrong). I may need to do a stash deep-clean soon: in addition to the … Continue reading Going Gothic