Seattle is pretty cool in lots of ways, but one of the things that is most impressive is that all their caf├ęs offer compost as an option in with trash and recycling. Reduction of waste in landfills! Uneaten food becomes nourishment for plants! Happy eco-goodness abounds! Except all of us librarians from places where you're … Continue reading Eco-confusion


Last weekend, Querido and I packed up Melba for a weekend in the Wild North. She enjoyed herself thoroughly, and wore herself out thoroughly too. I had hoped to take her out into nature, because I don't know that she'd ever left Phoenix before, but she never made it beyond the backyard. It was adventure … Continue reading Exhausting

Like the Pictures

Did anyone decipher that fuzzy little logo on the wingtip in Tuesday's post? Yes, that's the Aer Lingus logo. Librarians are tricky--they plan conferences with rawther dry titles like Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries...and then tell you that that conference will be in Ireland. I had a paper that needed publishing, and the conference … Continue reading Like the Pictures