Flagstaff Fiber Festival

Weird–two weeks ago, I was here:

Buildings and a fountain in Dublin, Ireland.

Yesterday, I was here:

Trees along 1-17 south of Flagstaff, with an Arizona Centennial sign and Humphreys Peak in the distance.
That little tippy bit of mountain is Humphreys Peak, the highest point in Arizona. I would be less taken with that factoid if it wasn’t also part of an enormous ancient volcano.

Querido, good soul that he is, took me up north to the Flagstaff Fiber Festival. We got to see Churro sheep being sheared with old-fashioned (and wickedly sharp) shears,

Brown Navajo-Churro sheep being sheared
The sheep all looked as if they would rather not take part in the shearing.

And a sheepdog demonstration!

Sheepdog demonstration at the Flagstaff Fiber Festival
All I could think of when I saw this was “That’ll do pig, that’ll do.”

I came home with a skein of mineral-dyed Churro and a bag of locally-sorted cocoa brown alpaca roving. I’m really excited: in almost a year of Knit American, this will be the first I’ve actually worked with wool grown in the state I live in. Now, does anyone have any idea what to knit with Churro yarn?

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