The girls at Holla Knits have done it again, putting together a second collection of knits so irresistibly cute that once seen, they must be knitted. Here I am, wading in UFOs, and what do I do? Stop by the first yarn shop I can find and buy enough tweed for a lime green Sexxxy … Continue reading Uncle


I have always thought red nails were totally classic, channeling the Bette Davis/Rita Hayworth/Lauren Bacall vibe. On me, however, they seem out of place, and I have spent the day fearing that I will chip them digging in my purse, or fumbling for a door. Did Bette have to constantly touch up her nails?

Knit Brit

No pictures today, dear readers. Please insert your own imaginary picture of me pleased as can be looking up at a dark gray sky outside my high-up office window. Last August I set out to Knit American, and explore a sustainable way of crafting. I have not bought exclusively American-sourced and -spun yarns since that … Continue reading Knit Brit


This weekend saw a lot of traffic via post. In between having a cold, being thankful that I came down with a cold over a long weekend, and eating a lot, I sent my beloved Frye Boots off to the Frye Refurbishing Center. They are inanimate objects, and cannot truly make my life complete in … Continue reading Post