Knit Brit

No pictures today, dear readers. Please insert your own imaginary picture of me pleased as can be looking up at a dark gray sky outside my high-up office window.

Last August I set out to Knit American, and explore a sustainable way of crafting. I have not bought exclusively American-sourced and -spun yarns since that time, nor has the experiment extended to the non-knitted portions of my wardrobe. For a bit of contrast, check out this wonderfully well-written and thought-provoking provoking post from Felix of the Domestic Soundscape. Be sure to check out the responses–the conversation continues down there.

my inner anthropologist was fascinated by the way that the very personal choices regarding clothing are also inherently public. The way I choose to dress will affect the way I am seen by the world. Not everyone I walk past will notice if my sweater is hand-knit out of American wool, or if my jumper is a vintage thrift-shop find, but they may notice I am not wearing the latest from J. Crew or the Gap. The public nature of fashion, and the way that many people’s awareness of this aspect of fashion translates into their choices about what clothes they buy or make, is more fascinating than even the most fantastic September Issue.

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