Week 13: The Universe, Simplified

That little message when I opened up the packet containing the instructions for my new MacBook Pro. I love it–your set-up booklet is not thrown in among packing peanuts, it comes in its own little sleeve tucked in a recessed section of the tray holding the computer in its box. And when you open it–a little assessment of the universe. That is what I love about Apple.

So yes, my computer did arrive, Mum and Hermanita did have to wrest the frothing Stella away from the door to retrieve it, and although I am not yet over my beloved PowerBook, I have to admit that Snow Leopard is pretty spiffy.

In other news, the profusion of blooming things has shifted: the wildflowers are all but done for, the oranges blossoms have faded, and the puff-balls are disintegrating, falling off the mesquites to drift in dirty golden clumps in the gutters. Just getting started are the hesperaloes, aloes, and cacti.

In keeping with the season, my knitting has been all leaves and flowers. Above is the left sleeve to my Lace Leaf Cardigan, just a few inches short of being ready to join with the body. I still love that leaf motif.

And there is my coveted Flower Basket Shawl. Both projects have been traveling around with me in my bag, and I’ve been bouncing back and forth between each one as the situation dictates. Last week had a spate of trips to the car mechanic’s, so I had a lot of time to peg away at the shawl. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the flower basket pattern is very simple. And addictive. That’s my favorite part of these top-down lace shawls: adding just one more row. And another. And then finishing the repeat. And then holding it up and seeing all that crumply lace on the needles, knowing how it will block out into amazingness–!!!

But this week looks like it’d going to be heavy on final semester projects, so it will be back to the sleeve, which is excellent company while staring at a computer screen and racking your brains for what to write next.

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