Week 14: All Things Iceland

Has anyone else been watching the saga of Eyjafjallajökull? I set NPR as my new homepage, and so for better or worse, I have been avidly tracking the news of the eruption and the resultant meteorological/transportation phenomena.

Although the geology of the event is pretty cool in and of itself, I think the thing that’s really got me hooked is consequences for humans. Businesses, schools, Coachella (the Cribs couldn’t make it)–the effects have hit all sorts of places beyond the first, most visible one–travelers stuck at the airport. There’s no shocking loss of life, thank goodness, but the event has effectively peeled the lid off the world of transportation as we know it, and it’s crazy all the stuff you get to see under there.

Since you’re probably wondering right now whether this is a knitblog or not, yes, this does relate back to knitting. Amongst the furor over Iceland, Icelandic wool got an unlikely spotlight in this article, ranking 5 out of 10 on the list of good things about the island (sidebar on the left, 1/2 way down). In an unintentionally timely quirk of fate, I’m using the Järbo Garn that I turned from pre-yarn into yarn during my spinning stint this January in my Flower Basket Shawl. I am thrilled by the color (green at first glance shot with strands of blue and gold) and by the bobbly texture of the wrong side of the work (pictured above). Between homework and checking for the latest on the volcano, I’ve been adding just one more row–and another–and another.

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