1. No pictures (mis apologias). I don’t want to attempt rigging a 2nd camera to this computer, esp. just for another few days. And the iSight camera captures a most unappealing panorama of the most cluttered part of my room.

2. According to the Fed Ex oder tracker, my new computer is on the delivery truck. Ohhh…. the guilt.

3. I hope it comes after las hermanitas get back. Stella is absolutely incensed by package delivery trucks and their drivers. It’s bad enough when they drive down the street, but the scene she causes when they come to the door is pretty mortifying. Peeling a 16-pound mutt that thinks she’s Pinkerton away from the front window and retrieving the package being delivered can be achieved by one person, but it’s easier (and less mortifying) with two.

4. Thank goodness for Daytrotter. While having my little world of school files, organized perfectly by my own admittedly scatty organization schema, jettisoned into the ether hasn’t sent me over the edge, it’s still a bit unsettling. Layering that with Pandora’s similarly unsettling tendency to throw things like Incubus on my Death Cab station (Incubus–I ask you!) is not always a good thing. On Daytrotter, you get to pick what you hear. And a little Port O’Brien will start anyone’s day right.

5. I am making record time on my Flower Basket Shawl.

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