Week 12: Eventful

For such an eventful weekend, all I have to show you guys is one picture:

That is also Event 1: I finished the Little Boy Cardigan, a.k.a. the Garter Ridge Cardigan from Little Badger Knitwear. That was my off-record project, which I finally finished last week, thank goodness. It’s adorable, and the yarn I used (Sublime Extra Fine Merino Superwash) is beautifully crisp, but it was just one of those projects where things kept going wrong.

Event 2: Speaking of going wrong, my computer’s hard drive died. You’d think I would have totally flipped out, especially since it had 11 weeks of schoolwork on it and a year’s worth of un-backed-up pictures (hence the nigh-pictureless post), but I have not as of yet.

(You may ask how I’m blogging without a computer: Mum very kindly lent me hers. It’s an iMac–Hermanita y yo converted her to Macdom–and it’s so big, I’m afraid it’s going to eat me. Or my desk.)

Event 3: I ordered a new computer. Would you know, I suffer intense buyer’s remorse on all purchases over $50, sometimes even with yarn, so I feel quite literally ill every time I think of that Apple box speeding towards my house. Augh….

Event 4: The only all-good event–Easter! Baskets and potica and jelly beans and a tiny owl vase! (You will recall my fondness for jelly beans. Especially when presented in pretty little cups.)

Event 5: The final month of the semester is officially here. This is usually the tipping point, where I go from Ack to Now Panic and Freak Out, but that one hasn’t happened either.

Maybe this is all the 10-page phenomenon. When I first started grad school, a ten page paper was at the upper limit of possibility, a feat requiring weeks of preparation and editing. Now? Give me a week and crank the iTunes. (Wince. My iTunes went with my hard drive) Ten-page papers are to SIRLS what multiple-choice exams are to 101 courses, and article reviews are mere jelly beans. Maybe computer calamities work the same way–you have enough laptops die, and the calamity ceases to be a calamity.

Or maybe we’re looking at another phenomena. The When-Under-Duress-Start-Knitting-Lace-Shawls phenomena.

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