Week 11: Beauteous Plague

Everything, and I mean everything is blooming. I took a walk around the neighborhood and was amazed at all the different flowers I was able to find. Trees, succulents, wildflowers, you name it–all the plants are covered in flowers, and both perfume and pollen lie heavy on the air. Hello seasonal allergies!

These little guys are not the culprits.

These (non-native) orange blossoms are.

As are these (native) mesquites. My auto zoom punked out at this point and refused to focus, but mesquites aren’t particularly pretty trees, so don’t be too disappointed by the low quality. Just know that those little yellow puffballs are tufts of pollen and every other house and strip mall has at least one of those trees.

I was surprised to find one of my friends from the mountain–brittlebush–in someone’s yard:

And these little guys in the bare gravel along the side of one of one of our neighbor’s fences:

Seeing the desert decked out in its best is so much fun, it almost makes up for the itchy eyes and random sneezes.

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