Week 9: Old Knits

I was hard pressed to come up with a topic for this post. Lots o’ projects and lots o’ dry, precise writing (I can never be interesting and precise at the same time) does not make for good blog fodder. Enter Lolly. This blogger is always filled to brimming with excellent ideas that other knitters can get in on. Her latest idea is to revisit old knits, which was quite apropos, because the weather has just gotten cool enough for me to pull out my beloved Gigi.

(Sad, isn’t it, when one has to wait until late October for it to be cold enough to wear a summer sweater?)

A little over a year since her completion, I still adore Gigi, and I still feel mahvelous when I wear her, but the yarn is starting to look like an old sock. It is sock yarn, after all, and either the nylon part or the merino part of the Panda Wool I used is starting to fuzz. This is most apparent in the ties:

A little stiff, a little fuzzy. The color has faded a tad, too. Sniff, sniff. The sweater will hold up for a while to come (especially at the rate I can wear it), but I would not call the yarn’s performance stellar. This has been my experience with many sock yarns–even my favorite, Sockotta. Anyone out there know a really awesome sock yarn that holds up to wear and tear and still looks good enough to knit a whole sweater out of?

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